25 December, 2005


If you use Wikipedia (you do don't you?), please consider making a small donation to keep Wikipedia going strong. Even $5 makes a difference (it's like recycling, every little bit counts), and it's tax deductable.

If you need some extra reasons:

  • Wikipedia is incredibly expansive, almost 900,000 articles in English, and hundred of thousands of articles in other languages (if you are fluent in other languages consider adding content!)

  • Wikipedia is quite accurate, incredibly close to Britannica, but error can be easily correct in moments rather than years.

  • Wikipedia is a great jumping off point - links to external references let you explore sources and opinions and learn on your own.

If you love usingn Wikipedia like I do, think about making a small donation, if you haven't used Wikipedia, think about using it. And if you know a lot about something, consider adding articles or editing existing ones for accuracy.


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