13 December, 2005

What would you thinK?

if upon moving to a vacant cube at work you found "HOT SEX-- 1000 erotic tips for men and women" book left in a drawer? After the initial shock and a giggle, an obvious question creeps into your mind: What were they thinking? Did that person really think that it would be cute and funny and morale building to leave something like that as a parting gift for future generations of corporate slaves? Or did they keep the treasure in their desk for personal use and read it casually in the lunchroom covered by a bland-looking Newsweek? The same lunchroom where the BIG BOSS would throw away an issue of Cosmopolitan left for community reading because of its provocative headlines? Evem worse, is that the reason they would spend way too much time in the office bathroom?

Or maybe the book owner was ashamed to bring this masterpiece home so they decided that hiding it in a corporate environment was a safer choice? Really? Have you heard of a desk audit or “he’s out today so I am just going to see if I can find that TPR report in his desk” scenario?

While I am all for improving this nation's intimate life and fully support the idea that informed sex is better sex, nothing disturbs me more and makes me want to go wash my hands, or better yet, take a disinfectant shower than an idea of a co-worker studying "Tip #78-- G-spot: Myth or Reality?" during business hours in a cubicle next to me!

P.S. For those of you who have/had the joy of working in the same office with me, the initials of the former co-worker in question is ML. I can see Genya running for that disinfectant shower right now!


Blogger BK said...

OK - Please, please, please tell me you are making this up just to fuck with Genya. Please tell me that your work's obsession with digital security has not led to this.

13 December, 2005 20:44  
Blogger Genya said...

OH MY GOD. ML had this in his desk? I want to vomit. And he used to sit right next to me...you know how that story went. "Ummm...Genya, I had a dream about you last night..." "Mark, I don't want to hear it." "NO, it wasn't sexual, I promise!" Riiiight. Did you tell Chris?

15 December, 2005 15:29  
Blogger Gina said...

Yes, most people know. Chad is keeping it in his desk now

15 December, 2005 15:37  

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