18 December, 2005

That's right, more rant

Again with the CNN articles. If anyone has managed to not read this article (and the NY Times article that started it all), it is Bush admitting he authorized wire taps on US citizens, and that he will continue to authorize such internal spying, all in the name of security. He stops short of admitting these are illegal, but media sources and member of the House and Senate seem to agree that this activity is either illegal or damn close to it.

Making matters worse, there are already provisions allowing such internal spying, but only with approval and oversight. What Bush has done is an end run around the rules put in place to protect civil liberties and government transparency. If wiretaps were needed to protect national security, they could have easily been put in place - as long as there was reasonable justification for it.

The question is - what will be done about it? Congress (thankfully) rejected extensions to portions of the PATRIOT act, at least in part because Bush has shown the government has not been very responsible with expanded power. I get a sick sense that the Bush administration is pushing the boundries, trying to see just how much they can get away with before the people (through Congress and the media) push back. What's next? We find out about a presidential order abandoning term limits if a new president would pose a threat to national security? A presidential order declaring Haliburton the preferred government provider for everything?

Bush is giving the Republican party a bad image. Hopefully it is just a matter of time before the rest of the party realized that he has sold them out and we can have an old fashioned impeachment (this time without the ugly intern).

Cheers to the New York Times for publishing the article - better late than never.


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