18 December, 2005

Rant mode ON

Today is rant day. Sorry, that's just the way it is.

CNN is running an article on the American Family Association's (here on referred to as AF ASS) plan to boycott Ford and Ford brands for, of all things, running advertising in publications targeted toward a homosexual audience. Apparently they want "driving while gay" to become a crime on par with "driving while intoxicated" although based on the (lack of) information on their website drunk driving is really just fine. Personally, I boycott Ford myself, but that is just because I don't like their cars. In my opinion, the best reason not to buy a company's product is simply not liking the product.

So, here is an organization that is whole heartedly against the "Homosexual Agenda" - but never really explains what this agenda is. I don't think they know. Can anyone tell me what this "radical homosexual agenda" is? Anyone? Bueller? Is there something especially radical about a person saying "this is who I am"?

They devote a huge amount of energy to condemming gay marriage with the reasoning that it threatens the sanctity of marriage - but they can't seem to come up with any causal relationship. It appears that they feel allowing homosexual people to get married legitimizes what they see as a "sinful" lifestyle. I can't find an article on their site describing how marital infidelity threatens marriage, or divorce, or abuse - but hey, I guess those things don't threaten good ol' family values as much as two guys making a comittment to each other.

There's more, in this article we find out that Fox News' Bill O'Reily is actually too liberal for these people, that the media bias is just too strong. The only radical agenda I can find here is that of the AF ASS.

Looking around on their site, it turns out they are against things like Channel One - the high advertising, low content program for Junior High and High Schools - but are all for having "In God We Trust" posters in every classroom in the country. Now here's the thing that is bothersome, these people do not apply the same set of rules to themselves as they do to others. The key is that they belive their radical agenda is right, and everyone else is wrong. So, it is not OK to advertise Mountian Dew in school, but it is OK to advertise their particular ideal of the Judeo-Christian deity/faith.

My suggestion is to support every every company the AF ASS wants to boycott. They claim over 3 million members, and this blog can claim maybe three readers, but so what. If Ford, Kraft, 7-11, Disney and many others are pissing these people off, then those are the companies I support. Groups like the AF ASS will not be happy until everyone is just like them, and that is just tooo boring to imagine.


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