15 December, 2005

More Extensions!

From our friends at Google is another great extension for FireFox that should help a lot of web users (though admittedly, not the users already using FireFox).

Basically, this extension will warn a user if it appears the site being visited may be phishing. I haven't tried this extension, since I can spot a phishing attack, but also know that companies never send email asking for username/password. But, this could be a great extension for the 90% of people who are not major geeks and don't work in ID theft prevention. If you have friends/family/pets who are not huge geeks but do use this 'Intarweb' thing, encourage them to use FireFox (that blue "E" != the web) and load this extension for them.

As usual, remember that your bank/eBay/Amazon/PayPal will never send an email asking for your user name and password. If you do get an offer from a company you do business with and are interested in, use the site you have bookmarked, or type the site address in to the browser. Legitimate offers will include a promotional code and description of how to sign up for an offer from the companies web page - there is no need to use the link in the email.


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