20 December, 2005

"Intelligent Design"

Slashdot has a great conversation on "Intelligent Design"

If you don't know, Intelligent Design (ID) has been pushed by conservatives as the answer to the theory of evolution, and there has been an effort to get the ID ideas in to the school system, not as mythology, theology or philosophy, but as science. This is of course absurd, and some courts have held the line.

The theory of evolution describes what we see around us. It does not require a god, nor does it eliminate the possibility of such. It is a scientific theory describing what happens in the work arround us. There is nothing for or against religion about it. There is nothing about it that Christians, Muslims, Hindus or Bhuddists should argue about - it describes a mechanism. If theologians want to argue about the origin of the mechanism, fine - but that should not be in science class. Yet ID proponents attempt to inject religion in to science - to marry the mechanism to the impetus.

You'll remember that Pat Robertson, in his great Christian love for everyone, infinite wisdom, and mandate from "God," has announced that entire towns are condemned because they refuse to recognize that ID is "right." Great Pat - show your ignorance and overall stupidity. Why not run for president?


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