13 December, 2005

Gina's Beer website!

After months of being best friends with Photoshop and Dreamweaver, I present you Gina's class project website!
You will have to have the latest Flash plug-in to view it as all animation was done in Flash 8. If you haven't designed a web page before, feel free to stop reading the post right about here, go explore the beer site and leave a comment on how you liked it.
However, if your geekiness factor is above average, maybe you can help me with a thing or two. First of all, despite my best efforts this site works best with IE. Why? Because we wanted to embed .WMV files and those don't really render well anywhere else. The videos will only play in Firefox if you have installed ActiveX extenstion (but why would you? Better security is one of the reasons you have installed this browser in the first place!)
Even if you do have the extension in FF, the videos are still not displayed properly-- they start playing right away despite the fact that I set the AutoPlay to False. Why is this happening? The short answer is that because we used EMBED tag that only works well in IE. I tried adding an OBJECT tag for the Firefox but for some reason the code wouldn't support local links for the videos, only URLs. So, the player would show up with status "Ready" but nothing will play. Hmmm, I have spent too many hours on this riddle already and I will not stop until I figure it out!
One more quirk you can notice: in IE the frames have a very thin line around them even though I set border and frameborder to 0. Works fine in Firefox and Safari.
Ok, so what's the lesson here? HTML is easy and can be very fun but it would be really nice if everyone can argee to some standartization of tags and move away from proprietary code (I am talking about you, Microsoft!) Grr!


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