19 December, 2005


Very interesting, the Disinformation guys had a show on BBC 4 that made it to the US on DVD

I've seen only a part of this DVD, but it is awesome. It pushes the limits - it could never be on TV in the US - made me a little uncomfortable (chicks with dicks are not my thing) - but acheives the goal, to make us think, "is this true?" (government brainwashing, covered up UFOs, actually funny shit)

The book is a great read, very in depth and thorough, not light hearted beach reading (for most people). But sometimes you feel like reading, sometimes you feel like watching, and neither is better. The initial book spawned others (link only has some of these are from the same publisher, but they are obvious).

While not everything Disinformation publishes is true (I'm not sure the publishler believes all of it to be true) it makes you think, and that is the point. Think about it. The media is feeding us what they want us to hear - sometimes this is OK, but we need to pay attention to what is on the fringes too - to get the whole story.

Please note that I do not have an affiliate agreement with Amazon, and I will get nothing from them. Disinformation is just cool.


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