19 December, 2005

Columbia, SC

I'm in Columbia, SC this week, which in the mid 50's has at least better
weather than MSP.

But, so far I'm surprised. It is a nice little town. There are a ton of
restaurants in the 'historic downtown' area, and I chose the one connected
(sort of) to my hotel - The Liberty Tap Room and Grill. I have to admit,
damn good. After my delectible lunch of McDonalds I wasn't starving, but
the nachos were fantastic, and the micro brew makes that LA place look like
crap - rich and flavorful.

Since I've given up burgers, and most anything that walks (though bacon is
a fruit), my new standards are nachos and pizza. I will from now on not be
the authority on burgers across the land, but the authority on nachos and
pizza across the land. I am also no longer a knight who says 'nee' but a
knight who says 'ichy ...' ah you get it.


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