09 December, 2005

Buy Blue!

Recently this blog has been one big redirection link to other people's site. This time is no different and there's a reason for that. Our lives are rather uneventful in the middle of Minnesota deep freeze-- just back from Florida, I am already counting days till I leave this state again. For me, the next trip will be to New York City on the 6th of January for a weekend with the main purpose of attending Russia! the exibition at Guggenheim That's right-- this thing is so Russian that yours truly has to fly cross-country to see it!

Ben-pumpkins is a bit "luckier"-- he has a couple business trips planned before the end of the year. The good news is that he will be in places much warmer than this; the bad news is that I will be all by myself in a cold empty apartment (hey, any of you good people want to have me over and cook me dinner? Lemmie know!)

And now to the main attraction: as I was reading my favorite Opinion Columnist Mark Morford (this guy somehow managed to have more hatred towards Republicans, SUVs, and fat people than Andrew and me combined, wow!) I have come to this site. Here you can see where the monetary contributions of a lot of corporations go. Just when I got all proud that Wells Fargo supports gay organizations in spite of losing clients, Mark lovingly pointed out that the stagecoach is still overwhelmingly red (why should anyone be surprised?). But please take time and browse other listings! Note, for example, that while Google Inc. is giving mostly to Dems, Yahoo! is a Republican-backer. Interesting, huh? Now remember that and go put your dollars where your heart is!


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