13 December, 2005

Another Day in LA

So today was a bit of an early day "at the office" so after a little working I headed out for some dinner (no food _all_ day). But, I needed some cancer sticks, so a quick reference to the hotel provided map showing 3 convenience stores within about 3 blocks.

So I was warned that going too far in any direction would put me places I didn't want to be, but I headed out knowing I wasn't going to "the wrong side of the tracks." Well, the first corner store seemed non-existant, turn around, head to the other one. 3 blocks through a tunnel (not on the map) so a block with signs only in Spanish, and people yelling in Spanish as I walk by. Here's a strange thing about downtown LA - there are hills, open air skyways, and strange tunnels and ramps all over. So, if you think you are just going down 3 blocks, oh no. You need to figure out how to get up to the "skyway" level somehow, go half way around the block and figure out how to get down.

How does it all end? After about 4 miles of walking (uphill) I managed to get to the Bonaventure Brewing Company for dinner. Next time you're in LA you can skip this one. I tried the stout and the IPA - neither was great. The seared Ahi tuna sandwich was fine, but such a mess it was almost impossible to eat. Imagine a 2 inch thick raw tuna steak on ciabatta bread with a mess of alioli and red onion on it.

So, here's LA.


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