13 November, 2005

U.S. Copyright gets even better

Plugging /. once again, but they have a discussion citing an article from The Register regarding a new proposal from our friends at Department of Justice. (also here)

Short story, this proposal by U.S. Attorney General Gonzales would allow jail sentences to be imposed for copyright infringement.

OK, I think we all know that copyright is messed up right now, but it is starting to border on government subsidies - not for the content creators (artists, writers, etc.) - but for the content distributors.

There's a lot more to discuss on this subject, but for short, record companies listen up - people are willing to pay for music in a format offers them reasonable flexibility. The problem is that the value to most consumers of the shite currently produced is much less than the sticker price on a CD. Pirating/copyright infringement is a sign that the price of the good is artifically high, and people aren't willing to pay it. Take note of the fact that you can buy fake Gucci bags on the street in Manhattan for $10, but you can't buy fake no-name bags on the street for $10. Artifically high prices == knock offs, pirating, etc.


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