08 November, 2005

I bet you always wondered...

how one makes fortune cookies! On our weekend trip to the best city in this country ( aka San Francisco), we found a Fortune Cookie Factory tucked away in one of the tiny alleys in Chinatown. Early in the morning, that little opening between buildings didn't look like a place where a sane tourist would go. Fearless and armed with suggestion from an online tour guide, we ventured in to find a small place with no fancy front or even normal doors for that matter. Once we spotted the little store, a tiny Chinese woman who seemed to have lived and worked there for at least a 100 years invited us in and offered to try some cookies, delicious but flat with no piece of paper attached to them. With free tastings and bags of 40 of those flat cookies at 3 dollars, cookie-makers ask for a fifty cent donation to take a picture which I think is fair. Here you can see a gas flame heated conveyor belt that spits the flat hot cookies out as the cookie master ( not to be confused with cookie monster!) swiftly picks them up and folds them, stuffs a paper fortune in and puts them down to cool. 10,000 cookies a day done by hand by 3 people-- enough to supply all the Asian restaurants in the Bay Area!

During the remainder of our stay, we visited all the required attractions-- Coit Tower, Fisherman's Warf (where we encountered the hostile crab who was obviously trying to snap my hand off or at the very least the string from the camera), Golden Gate Park, Muir Woods, and Sonoma Valley. This was a surprise trip I organized for my mom who has never been to California and I think I have now infected one more person with my San Francisco obsession. Now I am back in Midwest till early December when I go to FL which is much less travel than lies ahead for my Pumpkins (aka Ben and the main contributor to this blog).


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