21 October, 2005


Fridays are the same all over the world - everyone in the working world is always happy to see the end of the week.

No new pictures today, being my last day in the office it was work, work, work with a small break each for lunch and some final shopping. Two of my co-workers took me to Pizza Hut for lunch (as opposed to the standard South Indian cuisine offered at the office, which I have found quite good). The Pizza Hut offerings in India are a little different, some interesting combinations of veggies, but small pan cheese pizza is about the same. One thing to note, a medium pizza in India is about 25% smaller than in the US.

Even the Indian food at the hotel is better than anything I've had in the US (which is only about 4 times), but not a spicy as I expected. The office cafeteria choices however, are much closer the 'normal' level, and occasionally a little too much for me (which everyone finds quite amusing). I did try 'Samosa' which is the hot dog of Northern India, found at roadside stands at any time of day - this one I couldn't finish. It is sort of a pastry crust surrounding a mix of potatoes, peas and a variety of spices, fried and served with a sweet or spicy sauce. It is about the size of a baseball, but heavy. There was a lot of laughter when 3 bites in my eyes watered up and I had to put it down.

I'm ready to come home, but this has been a great trip, and I've learned a lot and accomplished a lot. India is quite a place, with such a rich culture and history. I've gained a new understanding of my co-workers on the other side of the world. There may be a few pictures tomorrow, but the next stop may be Amsterdam.


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