15 October, 2005

Finally, some pictures

Today was a busy day. A co-worker from our Chennai office, Sukiya (I know I spelled that wrong) was kind enough to take me on a site seeing tour. Our first stop was Dakshina Chitra about an hour from the hotel, in the southern suburbs of Chennai. This is a cultural site displaying typical turn of the century houses and home goods from various areas of southern India.

We then had a nice lunch at Fisherman's Cove, stopping to get a good look at the beach.

We then proceded to Mahabalipuram which is the site of the Shore Temple below.

The complex at Mahabalipuram is quite large, covering a number of temples carved of the local rock. Below is a giant boulder, balancing on a sloped rock that has stood here for centuries called Krishna's Butterball.


Blogger BK said...

I forgot to mention, it was incedibly hot and humid. My tolerance for heat and humidity seems to have improved some, but this was incredible.

15 October, 2005 07:30  

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