28 September, 2005

First Post!

The word of the day is "smetana"

OK - this is the first of a few posts to this "blog" thing on Blogger.com, which I selected because:
1) it is free
2) I don't have time to get my web site set up for similar functionality
3) I just want somewhere to add a few pictures and some text for my trips

So, here's where to look for stuff related to my (and Gina's) various travels. I have every intention of moving this content to my web site (which has been completely neglected) at some point in the future. For now, this is where its at. What will be here is pictures and comments on the various travels of me (Ben) and my super hero (Gina).

What's coming up:
1) Ben goes to India - 8 October to 25 October with a day in Amsterdam each way!
2) Gina's mom comes to Minneapolis - 28 October to 13 November
3) Ben goes to San Antonio, TX - 14 November to 16 November

This is just getting started! There are another half dozen trips before the end of the year.

So, stay tuned for more random ramblings and crazy stuff!


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